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It is estimated that 1-in-5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.

Skin Cancer Testimonials

We welcome personal patient testimonials to feature on our website in Ponte Vedra Beach,  FL 

We greatly appreciate our patients taking the time to send us a personal letter regarding their positive experiences. We are very grateful to share these patient testimonials with you and hope they may be an important part of your decision to choose our practice.  We look forward to hearing from you, too!

After six decades in the Sunshine State, I needed to “face the music”. Thankfully, my wife encouraged me to visit Dr. Harris to treat my Basal cell carcinomas. I had tried the Mohs procedure, which was lengthy to say the least. In weeks, not months, I am happy to say, we have the cancers, small and large, at bay. I am scheduling future checkups, so we stay on top of any further developments.
C. H.
With skin cancer being so prevalent in my family, I noticed a little dry skin on the bridge of my nose. I contacted Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center and made an appointment on the day that the pathologist would be available in his mobile lab. Dr. Harris removed the tissue to be examined and within 15 minutes or so I was diagnosed with basal cell cancer. Dr Harris removed the cancer, put 6 sutures in my nose, and all of this took less than 40 minutes.
Two months later there is no scar on my nose. I will forever be grateful for their expediency, professionalism and thoughtfulness shown towards me. There is no better place to go than the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center!
D. M.
I had a very large basal cell cancer below my left eye that left a dime sized hole after Mohs surgery. I was really concerned I would look deformed. Dr. Harris reassured me and was able to fix it so not only do my friends not notice it-neither do I. For anyone with a skin cancer I say there is no better doctor to take care of it than a plastic surgeon like Dr. Harris and the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center.
H. F.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Harris’s for all my skin cancer needs for years. Due to my ongoing battle with Melanomas and other skin cancers, I visit the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center every 3 months for screenings, diagnosis and treatment as needed. Dr. Harris and his staff provide the utmost care and are extremely thorough and professional. Thank you for keeping me safe!
R. R

My dermatologist shaved off a dysplastic nevus. After reviewing the pathology report Dr. Harris advised me that the shave biopsy was not adequate treatment. He properly excised the dysplastic mole and left behind a very minimal scar. I will only see Dr. Harris at the FFSCC for all future skin cancer checks and any needed biopsies and won’t have any more shave biopsies.
L. I.
The dermatologist recommended “Mohs” for a spot on my chest. I was thankful to find an effective alternative. Dr. Harris and his team have been easy to communicate with and I have been more than satisfied with the results and their professionalism.
B. H.
Dear Dr. Harris,
I wanted to thank you for how helpful, patient, and supportive you’ve been during my Melanoma melodrama! The initial diagnosis was a tough pill to swallow, but the journey has been easier to navigate knowing I have an awesome team in my corner. Thanks again.
M. W.
A plastic surgeon for a skin cancer on my face – a no-brainer! I want a plastic surgeon for all my skin cancers. People need to know a plastic surgeon is available to anyone.
R. M.
From the minute you walk into the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center you know you are in the right place and in good hands with Dr. Harris. A friendly efficiency permeates the staff and the office.
The team members work seamlessly and efficiently to make your visit go well.
The FFSCC meets all my expectations and skin cancer needs.
Dr. Harris and the staff at FFSCC take the time to talk with you about your skin cancer needs.
Trust is most important in Doctor/patient relationships, that’s why my wife and I have been patients with Dr. Harris for over 20 years.
J. R. H.
Finding Dr. John B. Harris, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for my skin cancer, was a blessing. He noticed a spot on the end of my nose. The initial biopsy indicated a fast growing Basal Cell cancer that needed immediate surgery. Dr. Harris performed the surgery with a mobile lab on standby to monitor the extent of the cancer. The surgery required removal of deep skin cancer, but he skillfully closed the incision and gave me a perfect nose again. Though the healing process was difficult, my care was amazing. Dr. Harris and his staff are gentle, kind, and exceptionally attentive. My friends at Vicar’s compliment his work, and I have recommended his practice to several friends and family members.
D. A.
I have been a patient of Dr. Harris for melanoma and all my other skin cancer needs. Last year we found a thin melanoma that was easily removed. Because of the biopsy at the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer my melanoma was caught early. After surgery by a plastic surgeon no further treatment was needed and the scar was smaller than my previous melanoma. The staff at the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center provide the utmost care and are extremely thorough and professional. Thank-you for keeping me safe!
R. S.
I just had my first basal cell cancer removed at the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center-it was quick and easy.
After seeing the process my husband went through having a basal cell removed with Mohs I was expecting a much longer process.
Dr. Harris was very thorough, and with the pathologist and his team right there it went very quickly.
Dr. Harris and his staff at the FFSCC are friendly, but also very professional.
C. H.
I have been a patient of Dr. Harris’s for more years than I wish to count. I first met Dr. Harris when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he was the plastic surgeon for the breast reconstruction after my mastectomy.
He has been my plastic surgeon ever since and now takes care of my skin cancers at The Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center. I especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Harris as a plastic surgeon cares how even the smallest scars like a biopsy scar looks. Some places shave the biopsy and leave an ugly scar. But Dr Harris makes a small incision for the biopsy and carefully puts a stich in each one of them leaving very little if any scar.
Dr. Harris takes no chances with skin cancers. I like having the pathologist available for the skin cancer surgery so that the report is available immediately that day. He and his staff are incredible-I love them all!
P. P.

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