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Dysplastic nevi

We screen for dysplastic nevi because they may develop into Melanoma

What are dysplastic nevi, and why are they important to treat? Dysplastic nevi are benign moles that may resemble melanoma. Some moderately or severe dysplastic nevi may develop into melanoma. The FFSCC treats moderate-to-severe dysplastic nevi seriously due to the risk of developing into Melanoma and is very active in managing these skin lesions.

Patients with severely dysplastic nevi are at an increased risk of developing Melanoma in their lifetime, and for this reason alone, Dr. Harris feels their removal is important. The FFSCC believes an objective of good skin cancer management is avoiding Melanoma, not simply to catch Melanoma at an early stage. If you are concerned about a dark mole, Dr. Harris encourages you to have this evaluated and possibly biopsied at The Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center. Should your mole prove to be a moderate-to-severe or severely dysplastic nevus, Dr. Harris and most pathologists suggest a complete removal.

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Dr. Harris, I want you to know how pleased my husband and I are with the results of the plastic surgery that you did for him. Thank you.
E. D.
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