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Insurance Providers

We work with most insurance providers for skin cancer screening, skin cancer biopsy, skin cancer surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

We work with most major insurance carriers, except Humana. We are also out of network with United Health Choice Plus plans, primary Tricare, and some Anthem plans to name a few. Please contact your insurance company to determine individual plan participation.

Patients appreciate the timeliness and expertise of a plastic surgeon for skin cancer treatment, quality pathology, and reassurance that skin cancer surgery was successful and their surgical scars will have the best possible appearance. Since we can provide the efficiencies of multiple procedures on the same day, we minimize patient inconvenience and the cost of services. Our facial cosmetic services are further explained on this website. Call our office for information on skin cancer and facial cosmetic surgical services.

One person dies of Melanoma approximately every hour in the U.S. – GET SCREENED

Dear Dr. Harris, I wanted to thank you for how helpful, patient, and supportive you’ve been during my Melanoma melodrama! The initial diagnosis was a tough pill to swallow, but the journey has been easier to navigate knowing I have an awesome team in my corner… Thanks again.
M. W.
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