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Facelift Under Local Anesthesia

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon John B. Harris, MD, performs a facelift under local anesthesia in Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Harris is a master of natural facial rejuvenation, customizing an approach that is best suited for each individual patient’s aging pattern and anatomy. He incorporates a deep lifting technique which repositions the underlying tissues and allows for proper re-draping of the skin preventing the “stretched” look. Patients appreciate the reliability of having a natural and rested appearance that is achieved through his skill, artistry, and experience with facelift surgery.

One element of the aging process is loss of volume resulting in facial skin sagging that surgery alone may not fully correct. Facial volume may be replenished with fat grafting to the cheeks, either as an independent procedure under local anesthesia, or at the time of facelift surgery. The most common sites Dr. Harris treats are the cheek bones, jawline, and nasal labial fold areas. An added benefit of fat grafting may be the improvement of skin tone, facial wrinkles, and pigmentation changes from sun damage as well as improvement in overall skin quality.

One of the benefits of performing thousands of facial rejuvenation surgeries over the last 30+ years is that Dr. Harris can accomplish these procedures under local anesthesia. Patients universally applaud this capability and appreciate having their facelift surgery with no risk from general anesthesia. They experience minimal discomfort without nausea and enjoy faster recovery times.

Some bruising and swelling is expected for every patient. Most need no pain medication after 48 hours. Anticipate a week to 10 days of recovery time, less for at-home workers, with return to full social and in-office work activities in three weeks. Exercise routines can begin to some degree after a week and normal exercise activities in three weeks. Dr. Harris advises planning a procedure at least a month prior to major social commitments so that his patients do not worry during the recovery period.

face lift
Dr. Harris, It means more to me than words can say how thankful I am for all of your time and careful consideration on my procedure. Thank-you for preparing me and making me feel as though I couldn’t have chosen a better doctor or team of medical professionals!
N. C.
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