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Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center’s Dr. John B. Harris offers skin cancer reconstruction with plastic and reconstructive surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  

Many dermatologists and Mohs surgeons refer their patients to plastic surgeons for closure or reconstruction when faced with skin cancers on the face or complex skin cancer wounds. FFSCC offers all skin cancer services under one roof, which saves patients time, multiple office visits, and the benefit of efficient, high-quality wound closure and reconstruction. There is an added benefit of eliminating insurance issues with various providers.

I have been a patient of Dr. Harris’s for more years than I wish to count. I first met Dr. Harris when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he was the plastic surgeon for the breast reconstruction after my mastectomy. He has been my plastic surgeon ever since and now takes care of my skin cancers at The Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center. I especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Harris as a plastic surgeon cares how even the smallest scars like a biopsy scar looks. Some places shave the biopsy and leave an ugly scar. But Dr Harris makes a small incision for the biopsy and carefully puts a stich in each one of them leaving very little if any scar. Dr. Harris takes no chances with skin cancers. I like having the pathologist available for the skin cancer surgery so that the report is available immediately that day. He and his staff are incredible-I love them all!
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