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Ask Dr. John B. Harris about facial fillers and the benefits of facial rejuvenation in Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Harris has performed thousands of facial filler injections over the last 20 years and has lectured physicians on filler injection techniques. When properly administered, fillers are very safe and effective. Dr. Harris views fillers as another valuable tool for facial rejuvenation. 

Like Botox, the key to patient satisfaction with fillers is an understanding of what constitutes natural appearing rejuvenation, which requires years of experience observing patients and the manner that they age. Too often, patients receive excess fillers in areas around the nose and mouth to correct deep folds, lending an overfilled or “overblown” appearance. Dr. Harris balances the filler placement in the areas, which have lost volume over the years, creating natural facial harmony. Dr. Harris believes no one should notice that you have had fillers after treatment. 

The lip areas can be the most gratifying to treat but will be the most noticeable if fillers are simply placed to produce a “ballooning” effect. Many patients wish for a dramatic look to their lips with an excess filler, which Dr. Harris discourages, as this will produce long-term problems if the filler is not maintained.

There are many fillers available on the market today. Dr. Harris avoids “permanent” fillers, which may produce reactions that have long-lasting undesirable effects. He has used the Allergan product line, which he believes produces excellent results with minimal risk. Each filler in the Allergan line has different properties that are best for individual rejuvenation applications. Dr. Harris will review which product he feels is best for you.

Thank you for doing such a great job with my facial fillers. You really nailed it, and my cheeks, jawline and nose look so much improved as a result. I would gladly refer you to anyone – as you are a great doctor!
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