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Plastic surgeon John B. Harris, MD, MBA, FACS, offers facial aesthetic surgery or facial plastic surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dr. Harris has enjoyed performing facial rejuvenation techniques for his patients throughout his career. His thirty years of experience with innovating new techniques and instructing surgeons have benefited patients in receiving what he believes is the best natural facial rejuvenation available. What drives Dr. Harris is hearing and seeing gratified patients who appear more like their former selves. 

If my patients were happy with the way they used to look, I feel more comfortable telling them they will be happy with our result.

– John B. Harris, MD, MBA, FACS, FFSCC Founder

Dr. Harris believes that patients and their surgeons settle on just one procedure and then overdo it to make a well-intended difference. 

Aging occurs in many small steps involving the entire facial anatomy, and thus any successful natural rejuvenation must address these many areas individually.

– John B. Harris, MD, MBA, FACS, FFSCC Founder

Dr. Harris will only recommend to you what he would for a family member or friend. He strongly believes that any elective cosmetic procedure must carry a very low risk for his patients. All facial cosmetic procedures that Dr. Harris performs are under local anesthesia in the FFSCC office, which he believes provides his patients the safest and most efficient care. 

Many patients ask the question, “How long will the results last?”  

Aging will always continue; however, you will always look younger than before the procedure.  

“How long will my procedure take to perform?” 

  • Lower facelift surgery can be performed in 1½ hours from start to finish
  • A full facelift can be performed in 2-2½ hours from start to finish
  • Temporal lift and Eyelid surgery can each be accomplished in under an hour

“What if I am an anxious patient?”

Most patients are apprehensive about any operative procedure; however, most say, “the operation was easier than I thought it would be.” Oral anxiolytic medication can be taken prior to surgery. 

“Will I need a ride home from surgery?”

Dr. Harris always advises his patients to have a responsible party assist with transportation to and from the office.

“How long will my recovery be?”

All patients must have someone drive them to their first post-operative appointment in 1-2 days. Most patients will be able to drive in 3-4 days. The sutures are removed beginning in 5 days, with most all sutures removed by 10 days following surgery.  

“How many post-op visits will be necessary?”

Dr. Harris likes to see his post-op patients soon and often. He will see his patients whenever they wish. Out-of-town patients typically will return 2-3 times after surgery.

Dr. Harris, I appreciate very much the time you spent with me in consultation before my surgery and for the excellent care and expertise that you have given to me as your patient. My experience with your practice has been more than I could have hoped for.
J. R.

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