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We’ll explain what Botox is and why it is helpful for facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dr. Harris has performed over 10,000 Botox injections over the last 25 years and has lectured and instructed other physicians on Botox techniques. No one in North Florida has more experience and expertise. Any licensed physician or nurse practitioner can administer Botox – it is safe and effective. Like any other cosmetic procedure, the results and effectiveness will vary depending upon the ability and experience of the person performing the injection.  

Where you place the Botox in relation to the facial muscles, the technique of injection, and the amount of injection, are the critical components that create a good result for a patient. Dr. Harris’s Botox patients return because of consistently good results, without the many untoward side effects produced when Botox is placed incorrectly for the patient’s particular needs. One can always place more Botox. However, if placed incorrectly or in too large an amount, the effects of Botox and muscle paralysis will last for months. Botox is simply another tool in the armamentarium for facial rejuvenation – how it is used is the key to a patient’s satisfaction.

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