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Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S.


John B. Harris, MD, located in Ponte Vedra, FL provides facelifts and facial aesthetic procedures

At Florida Skin Cancer Center we offer a variety of facial aesthetic surgery, including:


Facial rejuvenation services include:

  • Facelift under local anesthesia (upper/lower and full)


  • FSCC Skin Wellness Screening (annual or more frequent)
I had a very large basal cell cancer below my left eye that left a dime sized hole after Mohs surgery. I was really concerned I would look deformed. Dr. Harris reassured me and was able to fix it so not only do my friends not notice it-neither do I. For anyone with a skin cancer I say there is no better doctor to take care of it than a plastic surgeon like Dr. Harris and the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center.
H. F.

SKIN CANCER Screenings

Book one now – a screening may save your life!

Community Education

FFSCC physicians speak to nonprofit, community, and corporate groups about the incidence of skin cancer and the importance of screening.

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