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Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S.

For Referring Doctors

For Referring Doctors

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For immediate referral to Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center, please use this secure FAX: (949) 862-8794.

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I had a very large basal cell cancer below my left eye that left a dime sized hole after Mohs surgery. I was really concerned I would look deformed. Dr. Harris reassured me and was able to fix it so not only do my friends not notice it-neither do I. For anyone with a skin cancer I say there is no better doctor to take care of it than a plastic surgeon like Dr. Harris and the Florida Facelift and Skin Cancer Center.
H. F.

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FFSCC physicians speak to nonprofit, community, and corporate groups about the incidence of skin cancer and the importance of screening.

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