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It is estimated that 1-in-5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.

Facelift Testimonials

We welcome personal facelift patient testimonials to feature on our website in Ponte Vedra Beach,  FL 

We greatly appreciate our patients taking the time to send us a personal letter regarding their positive experiences. We are very grateful to share these patient testimonials with you and hope they may be an important part of your decision to choose our practice.  We look forward to hearing from you, too!

Had a temporal lift done by Dr. John B. Harris this past June of 2021. The surgery was done under local anesthesia and I did not experience any pain at all while he was doing the procedure. I was able to speak with the doctor and his nurse during the surgery. I am extremely pleased with the results of my temporal lift and would highly recommend Dr. Harris and his wonderful staff.
O. T.
Dr. Harris, It means more to me than words can say how thankful I am for all of your time and careful consideration on my procedure. Thank-you for preparing me and making me feel as though I couldn’t have chosen a better doctor or team of medical professionals!
N. C.
Thanks for helping make my surgical experience pleasant. Thanks to your techniques well done!
L. R.
Dr. Harris, With pen and paper there are no words to express how grateful I am to you. I am doing great now.
J. K.
Dr. Harris, Words cannot express how much I appreciate the excellent result of the surgery. I am so pleased with the outcome. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Its obvious to me that you care about your patients with regard to their health and satisfaction. I‘m the lucky recipient of your caring attitude and wonderful talents as a surgeon.
C. W.
Dr. H., I am so thrilled with your surgical expertise as it pertains to my face and neck.! You have made me feel so fresh, and the changes to my neck are more than I imagined. I am truly grateful! I am so happy I could scream! I have been a thrilled patient of yours and as long as you are available to keep me looking my best, I am surely going to revisit you often!
M. W.
Dr. John B. Harris is a caring, competent, skillful physician. My experience with him was one of trust which was fulfilled by his concern and follow-up care. His staff reflects the same. I recommend him highly.
T. N. M.
Dr H., I just wanted to tell you what a terrific surgeon we think you are. Your kindness and professionalism set you apart from any other doctor.
S. A.
Looking in the mirror at age 63 I realized I needed a “lift’ of some kind. I did not want to be put under general anesthesia nor miss more than a few days of work. I felt like my options were limited. Dr. Harris explained a procedure he is doing in the office under just a numbing shot, and I would be back to work in a few days. Right, I thought! I am not a super-woman and not 40 years old! But if I could get the mini-facelift and not be drugged up for days and back to work in a week, I would do it. The entire process was “a piece of cake!” I am still amazed. I had the procedure on Thursday and on Monday I went back to work. I have no bruising, no swelling, and no pain, and I have had so many people tell me how incredible and natural I look. I told Dr. Harris that I would do this every couple of years if I needed to as I had such minimal down time, and the results are fabulous.
M. F.

Dr. Harris, I appreciate very much the time you spent with me in consultation before my surgery and for the excellent care and expertise that you have given to me as your patient. My experience with your practice has been more than I could have hoped for.
J. R.
Dear Dr. Harris, I am thankful each day for people like you. You are able through your dedication, effort, and concern to make a difference in the lives of others.
F. C.
I wish to extend my highest regards and appreciation to Dr. John B. Harris for his exceptional competence and genuine concern. Dr. Harris restored my hope and trust in medicine and surgery. He demonstrates superior competence as a physician and surgeon, and perhaps equally important, Dr. Harris made me feel safe, secure, and confident in his skills and talents as a surgeon. Dr. Harris changed my life; he made me a whole person again.
P. M.
Dear Dr. Harris, I adore my new neck- many thanks!
J. D.
Dr. Harris, Thank you for making my surgery such a stress free and great experience. I would recommend you to my family and friends any day. Thanks again and may God bless you in all that you do!
P. A.
Dr. H., Thank-you so very much for all that you did to help me look my very best, I am so grateful and appreciate everything. I am thrilled with my face and cannot thank you enough. You are just the very best surgeon and I thank you for your kindness, guidance, and expertise.
F. H.
Dear Dr. Harris, Thank you for doing such a great job with my facial fillers. You really nailed it, and my cheeks, jawline and nose look so much improved as a result. I would gladly refer you to anyone – as you are a great doctor!
P. A.
Dear Dr. Harris, Thank you for your compassion, your eye for balance, for perfection, and for your personal requirement of personal satisfaction. Dr. Harris, it is truly refreshing to experience someone in the medical field who is motivated by personal integrity.
S. C.
Dr. Harris, I am glad I turned to you and am grateful for all your efforts to guide me on the right path. Your advice and kindness has helped me in dealing with all of this. Thank you!
B. B.
Dear Dr. Harris, I am so pleased. Everything is looking natural. I am starting a new “Dr. Harris Fan Club” in the Midwest, with worldwide connections!
R. H.
Dear Dr. Harris, You said before my surgery that you would take good care of me, and you certainly did. Thank you for the truly great care you and your staff extended to me throughout the surgery and afterward. Please chalk up one more tremendously happy patient.
C. A.
Thanks for everything. Every so often someone will say, “I can’t believe you’re 60!” So that makes me feel good. You did a great job considering the raw material you have to work with! I will continue to sing your praises to any of my friends considering plastic surgery.
A. A.
Dr H., You continue to work your magic-thank you!
A. M.
If you are reading this and considering a facelift look no further. Dr. Harris is an artist and a genius. He performed a facelift and eyelid surgery on a friend of mine. She looked tired and haggard. Dr. Harris with surgery and fat injections transformed her appearance without changing her basic face. It is almost miraculous what he can do. Four weeks ago, Dr. Harris operated on me, and I look fabulous. There was very little bruising. After two weeks I went to a party with one hundred people, and no one could tell I had a facelift. People told me how great I looked, but I truly look like myself, only refreshed or rested. To me it is all the difference in the world. I felt like I was in competent hands every step of the way with my surgery and after care.
S. I.
Dr. Harris, I just wanted to formally thank you for my beautiful new look. I love the way everything turned out and my experience from the consultation to the follow-ups has been wonderful. I have recommended you to a number of women. Thank you again!
J. R.
Dear Dr. Harris, No words can express how happy I am with the outcome of the surgery you performed on me. You truly are an artist and a master in your field. I have seen a lot of clients with bad results of plastic surgery. Your work surpasses all I have seen on the good side. You are a wonderful surgeon.
W. F.
I have just returned from my 50 year high school reunion, and I received a lot of attention and positive comments.
L. S.
Dr. Harris, I want you to know how pleased my husband and I are with the results of the plastic surgery that you did for him. Thank you.
E. D.
Dear Dr. Harris, Thank you for the wonderful surgery that was done for me. Dr. Harris, you are the most wonderful surgeon that I have ever had the privilege to meet, and care for me as a patient.
B. M.
Thanks to Dr. Harris, I can see like a normal person again. I didn’t realize how bad my peripheral vision was!
P. P.

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