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We provide affordable services coupled with community education on skin cancer prevention in Jacksonville, FL  

Our professionals live and work throughout Jacksonville, the Beaches, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Nocatee in Ponte Vedra. We believe in giving back to the community by providing affordable services coupled with community education on skin cancer prevention through speaking engagements and participating in expos, health fairs, and corporate events. For your convenience, our community education programming will be posted on this website before the event.  

We welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can help you and your organization through collaboration on community education. Through community education, the facts of skin cancer prevention and symptoms of the various skin cancers can be communicated to our children and loved ones – saving one precious life is worth everything, especially if we can find Melanoma in the early stages.

We’re here to answer your questions. Do you have a dark, irregular mole? Does a place on your skin just not heal? Request an appointment for your skin cancer screening – just give us a call. Melanoma is a serious cancer. You may save the life of someone you know and love – including your own!

Dr. Harris, I am glad I turned to you and am grateful for all your efforts to guide me on the right path. Your advice and kindness has helped me in dealing with all of this. Thank you!
B. B.

SKIN CANCER Screenings

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Community Education

FFSCC physicians speak to nonprofit, community, and corporate groups about the incidence of skin cancer and the importance of screening.

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